Please read the FAQ’s Below **BEFORE CONTACTING**
Although not every message may be responded to, every message will be read.
Thank you
Q: When will your new prints go on sale? / How can I be informed about new product releases?
A: Please join the Mailing list. Prints usually go on sale within a couple of weeks of the event, but may take longer depending on the location of the venue. Specific release times or dates are ONLY released through the website, social media or the Munk One/Invisible Industries Newsletter.
Q: I’d like a quote on a project. What information would should I provide?
A. Please provide the following information about your project:

Name and Website. Project Use (Clothing, Print, etc.) Quantity to be made. Territories of distribution ( North America, World Wide, etc.) Term for use (1 time, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years, etc.) Time frame and budget. Any design direction, reference etc.

If the project is accepted you will receive a email conformation with more info. Unfortunately not all work requests can be accepted at this time, but all emails will be read and your interest is truly appreciated.

Q. I have a question about and ORDER from INVISIBLE INDUSTRIES.
A. For all matters regarding orders from Invisible Industries please visit
Q. The "sold out" print I'm looking for is going for a lot of money on ebay. Do you have any "lying around" that you would sell?
A. No. Please do not email this site about sold out items.
Q. Can I buy a print from the portfolio section of Munk
A. No. Munk One .com is a portfolio site for viewing purposes only.
Q: Where can I buy MUNK ONE prints, stickers and other merchandise?
A: Prints and more are sold through Invisible Industries at
Q: Can I get quote for a tattoo design?
A. Unfortunately Munk One does not sketch or create custom tattoo designs at this time.
Q: What mediums, programs and process do you use most?
A: I use a mixture of hand done art and Photoshop and Painter for much of my computer work and a mixture of spray paint and acrylics for my fine art. Sometimes I create everything by hand and then scan it. I don’t have a usual way of working as I like to try different approaches and mediums depending on each project.
Q: Would you consider donating some work to a charity?
A. Prior to requesting a charitable donation please be aware that I will need a copy of the IRS letter stating the name of the charitable organization and its 501C3 status along with the 501C3 number. In addition, I will need a letter from the charity donating organization stating the intent to donate all proceeds to a specific charitable organization indicating the value and receipt of the donated items.
Q: Can I tattoo your artwork on my body? If so can I modify the art?
A. All content on is for inspiration only and not to be reproduced in any way. That being said, there is really no way of stopping people from getting tattoos of the art. The main request would be to not modify the art. Also please give some sort of credit to Munk One and when posting Photographs.


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